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Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core
at The Center for Health and the Environment

Leica Histo-Embedder

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The Leica Histo-Embedder combines innovative developments in routine paraffin embedding with sophisticated state of the art technology. An all-in-one, fully programmable compact paraffin tissue embedding center with sophisticated state of the art technology that increases tissue embedding productivity, throughput, and quality. The Histoembedder is reliable and efficient and designed to meet high technical standards.

Key Features

  • Menu-driven, microprocessor controlled featuring the ability to program workday starting and stopping times, temperature of paraffin reservoir, mold warmer, cassette bath, working surface, and cold plate
  • Large, 3 liter capacity paraffin reservoir with paraffin quantity level shown on LCD display
  • 10-way adjustable paraffin flow rate
  • Manual or foot-pedal operated paraffin outlet
  • Removable cassette bath with lid provides ample storage space for over 100 cassettes
  • Heated forceps holder which is easily removed for cleaning
  • Compact in size to minimize counter top space
  • Durable, easy to clean polyester epoxy surfaces
  • Options:
    • Magnifier to enhance viewing of small and delicate tissue
    • Vacuum lid for vacuum infiltration of tissues while stored in paraffin bath

Recharge Rates

No charge for trained and qualified users