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Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core
at The Center for Health and the Environment


The goal of this facility is to provide research quality standard light and fluorescent microscopy facilities for histology, as well as sample preparation capability, in one location.

Use of the facility, and consultation on techniques, is aided by technical personnel expert in the use of the equipment, Ms. Patricia Edwards and the presence of a faculty member, Dr. Laura Van Winkle, who has expertise in microscopes, imaging and immunohistochemistry.

The Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core (CAMI) specializes in histologic imaging, primarily of tissues on sections. Imaging capabilities in this core are coupled with on-site histologic sample preparation equipment for users who need to control every aspect of their sample prior to imaging. This enables custom and sequential embedment and processing for specialized applications and provides onsite trouble shooting and analysis.

The core contains research quality upright microscopes with color cameras for standard light microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. Also available: a state of the art Leica LMD6000 laser capture microdissection instrument equipped with high quality cameras and image capture and manipulation software and a new Leica TCS LSI confocal microscope. Equipment is available for low magnification image capture and near real-time movies of dissection techniques, an ultrawidefield stereomicroscope is included in the core. Embedding and sample processing capabilities include frozen, paraffin and resin embedding equipment as well as 2 microtomes and a cryostat for cutting tissue sections. Support equipment for sample analysis also includes nanodrop and spectramax spectrophotometers and a cellometer for cell counting. A fully equipped histology lab is also available for special stains and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

We are available for consultation on imaging and histology projects.